Ways Out of a Black Friday Stampede and a Visit to Urgent Care Clinics

A stampede is one of the most common causes of injury during Black Friday. As people try to score the best deals, they tend to be aggressive and violent. They push, shove, and punch each other to fight for the best deals. This may result in a commotion that can get you trampled and seriously hurt, landing you in an Everett urgent care clinic, which is why it’s important to prepare a strategy before shopping.


Stay Away from the Front

While you want to get that precious Christmas gift that your significant other would surely love, it’s not wise to be in front of the crowd just to get it. This position makes you prone to being trampled by the throngs of people. Remember that as shoppers get frustrated, the people in front will receive the brunt of all the shoving and pushing that will eventually ensue. As much as you can, avoid the front and before getting into the crowd find an exit route.

Be Alert

Aside from eyeing the best deals out there, keep a close watch on your fellow shoppers. Be alert at all times as there are shoppers who would go to the extremes. Some may even go as far as using pepper spray or starting a fight to get what they want. Once you spot a disgruntled and suspicious shopper, back away. It’s not worth it to engage them as you may end up injured instead of simply enjoying the holidays.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Easier said than done, but as much as possible, avoid pushing and shoving. This can easily set off an angry shopper and result in a fight, which may panic other people and result in a stampede. Keep your hands to yourself and no matter how frustrated you are, muster the courage to simply walk away rather than engage in any conflict.

Select the Right Stores For You

There are stores that have a reputation for having a violent crowd, and there are those that are less frequented by people. Before setting out to do your Black Friday shopping, look for low-key stores that also have awesome deals so that you can buy safer, faster, and easier.

A stampede is a serious incident. Grave injuries have been recorded because of this during Black Friday. In case of injury, seek urgent care in North Everett, such as from U.S. HealthWorks, to address the problem immediately.


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