Things to Do and Not to Do in Avoiding Urgent Care While Raking Leaves

Are leaves starting to pile up on your lawn? It is a sure sign of fall and even surer sign that it is raking season. Sooner or later you must stand up and grab that rake. Before you do, make sure you know proper raking techniques. This activity can apply a lot of abnormal strain to your body, exposing you to the risk of injury.

If the thought of going to Everett urgent care clinics for a checkup annoys you, then remember everything you should and should not do when raking.

Autumn Leaves

Do Go Where the Wind Blows 

Stroking and walking the rake in the wind’s direction makes the job easier because the breeze can help blow the leaves to the pile. Otherwise, if you fight the wind, more time is spent bringing the leaves to the designated pile.

You may also want to stomp on the piles to compress the leaves before another round of raking. Doing so will prevent the wind from blowing the leaves off the pile and causing a redo with your rake. This will reduce overall raking time, allowing you to rest sooner and ease the strain on your body.

Do Work Wisely 

Adopt a strategy when raking to ensure better efficiency. For instance, using smaller sweeps will result in collecting a greater amount of leaves overall. It’s also better to create intermediary piles where you are raking instead of bringing leaves all the way to the central pile. Using a tarp eliminates the need to bag the leaves, reducing repeated lifting motions.

Don’t Force Your Body 

Because raking requires you to move almost every muscle in your body, it can be considered a workout. Of course, all workout routines must be done properly to avoid injuries. Before starting, warm up with light stretching. This will help loosen your muscles and adjust your body to the movements needed to rake leaves.

When holding the rake, switch sides frequently to avoid applying undue strain on only one side of the body. Stand straight as well, and move your entire body when raking, rather than twisting your back.

Lastly, rest when you feel tired. Do not overdo it and drink water frequently to avoid dehydration. Besides, you can still rake the next day.

These do’s and don’ts will keep you from getting hurt when raking. In case you sustained an injury, though, see a provider of urgent care in Everett to get proper treatment.

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