Why Swimmer’s Ear Develops and How Urgent Care Facilities Treat It

Summer is almost here and the weather is getting warmer. That means swimming pools will start opening their doors, such as the Everett Parks and Recreation Swim Center. This facility is great for pool parties and special events. The venue also offers swimming lessons for children just starting to get used to the pool.

How Swimmer’s Ear Develops

Swimming at this center can be a great way to beat the heat, but you also have to be careful. Overexposure to water increases the chances of water staying in the ear canal for long periods of time. In some cases, this allows bacteria to grow and causes an ear infection known as swimmer’s ear. This medical condition is particularly common around recreational and public pools, where lots of people swim.


Swimmer’s ear is not the same as a mild ear infection. This condition generally causes pain on parts of the outer ear. With a mild ear infection, however, it is the inner ear canal that is more affected.

Treating this Condition

If you believe you have swimmer’s ear, you might experience symptoms that may be mild or severe. These include itchiness, redness, and possibly pus coming out of the ear.

An Everett urgent care provider can treat these symptoms correctly. In some cases, the doctor can prescribe you prescription eardrops to treat the pain fast. For mild infections, your doctor may recommend a thorough ear cleaning. More severe cases may require an acidic solution to be applied in the ear to clean out the bacteria.

Your doctor can give you helpful instructions to prevent this condition from happening in the future. Some steps include keeping the ears as dry as possible, not removing any ear wax after swimming, and not putting any objects, including cotton-tip swabs, fingers, or other small objects inside the ear.

Swimming in the summer should be something the whole family will enjoy. Swimmer’s ear can be prevented if you are proactive by keeping your ears dry. If you do experience the symptoms of swimmer’s ear, a doctor at an urgent care clinic in Everett can treat them quickly. These medical providers have a proven track record of treating these types of medical problems, ensuring that you can get back on your feet to enjoy more of the summer.

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