Everett Urgent Care: Farmers’ Market Benefits and Safe Shopping Tips

Making a trip to the Everett Farmers’ Market offers many benefits. It gives you a chance to look at and buy beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables that you may not find in grocery stores. The produce are healthier and tastier. Going here is also good for the community as you can get to know more the people in your area. Moreover, you can talk to and support local farmers and vendors, who need to earn better than large establishments. Spending a day outside can be good to your health as well, especially if you’re going to shop early in the morning when the sun’s heat produces vitamins that are good for your body.

While there are many benefits in going to the Farmers’ Market, you still have to be careful when shopping. This is to avoid harmful elements and accidents that could land you in an Everett urgent care clinic. Here are some tips you can follow to have a safe shopping trip.


Wash Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating

Because the goods are sold outdoors, they are prone to contaminants like pollutants, dirt, and bugs. These contaminants can cause food-borne illnesses, including Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli. Given this, it’s important to wash the fruits and vegetables first before consuming them. This is a preventive measure to avoid getting sick even if you think the produce are safe as they are grown organically.

Ensure that Vendors Follow Safety Practices

Every market has food safety guidelines to follow. Learning what these are and checking if the vendors are complying can help you ensure your safety. See if the stands are clean and the vendors are using proper utensils and gloves for handling the food. You should also check if the trash cans are covered properly and the coolers and bags are dirt-free.

Talk to the Farmers

You can learn a lot from talking to local farmers and vendors. You can know how they grow their products and tend to their livestock. You may even score an invite to their farms so that you can personally see where the produce are coming from. This information can help you avoid buying low quality goods.

Be Prepared

A day at the Farmers’ Market involves a lot of walking. Regardless of the weather, people are there to sell and buy goods. Dress comfortably so that you can move freely. Wear shoes that will keep you from tripping to avoid a sprain. You may also want to bring an umbrella as protection from rain or the sun.

Following these will let you have a fun, safe day at the Farmers Market, which is open every Sunday at the Port of Everett and every Friday at Everett Mall. In case you fell ill from the trip due to exhaustion or a minor accident, go to the nearest provider of urgent care in Everett to address the problem immediately.


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