Urgent Care Tips: 2 Ways to Stay Healthy While Dancing and Having Fun

Dancing is a healthy and active way to release stress and tension from your body. When you join the S.P.I.N. Dance at the Everett, WA, you may end up spending several hours on your feet without much of a rest. The providers at an Everett urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, offer these tips to help keep you comfortable and healthy as you enjoy your evening dance out in the town.

Good Shoes

No matter what type of dancing you are doing, your feet will bear the brunt of the activity. Each time you jump or take a step, three to ten times your bodyweight will be applied to the balls and heels of each foot. These impacts can cause discomfort after just a few hours, especially if you are wearing poorly made shoes. Before driving to the S.P.I.N. dance, be sure to select a pair of shoes that is made well and has plenty of support for the arches of your feet.

Dancing and Having Fun

Look for a shoe that has a wide toe box, as your feet may swell somewhat after dancing and mingling for a few hours. Choose a heel that is less than two inches, as this will help you to stay steady on your feet. It is also a good idea to take a short break and give your body a chance to rest after a couple of songs. Pull up a chair and have a nice chat with your dance partner as you catch your breath.

Stay Hydrated

Dancing and talking as you mingle with other guests may leave you feeling dehydrated by the end of the night. You may also perspire more as you dance, leading to dehydration after just an hour or two of activity. Be sure to drink plenty of water. For very active dancing, you may need to stop and drink a glass of water every 20 to 30 minutes.

Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks exacerbate the effects of dehydration so do avoid them at all costs. If you do get dehydrated or even injured while dancing, professionals at an urgent care center in Everett, WA can provide you with the proper treatment and get you back on your feet in no time.

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