How Urgent Care Can Help When Baseball Fever Strikes Again in Everett

Baseball is a popular sport in Everett, WA, where most people already live and breathe baseball. In fact, some families in the city have hosted the players of Everett AquaSox over the years, giving the athletes a place to stay; access to their kitchen, bathroom and laundry; and transportation to and from the stadium. In return, the host families get free tickets to the games, invites to exclusive and special events, and the chance to establish life-long relationships with the players.

How Urgent Care Can Help When Baseball Fever Strikes Again in Everett

AquaSox is again looking for host families for 2015, especially those who can speak Spanish, as some players will be coming from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Once the baseball fever strikes again, it would be hard to stop Everett residents from engaging in the sport and potentially putting themselves at risk of injury.

Shoulder Injury

Baseball is one of the sports that mainly uses arms than any other body parts, so the area that’s most frequently injured is the shoulder. While no one gets injured by a single throw, progressive stress from a repetitive motion could severely strain the group of muscles that stabilize the shoulder, known as the rotator cuff. When this rotator cuff is torn, any throwing movement can be tremendously painful, leading to a significant decline in athletic performance.

The shoulder’s ability to move in a wide motion range makes it more susceptible to inflammation, strains and tears. Pitchers may develop the so-called ‘dead arm’ syndrome, characterized by a sudden sharp pain, followed by paralyzing numbness whenever they attempt to throw. A small degree of weakness greatly affects accuracy and momentum so a proper diagnosis and early therapy is necessary to avoid long-term repercussions.

The extreme rotating movement associated with a throwing move, specifically pitching, can loosen the joints attaching the shoulder bones together. With greater flexibility, comes more torque, allowing the pitcher to throw harder. Too much of this, though, and the joint begins to lose its stability. As a result, the throwing motion is impaired. The player will find himself no longer able to extend his arm in any direction as he’s limited by pain.

Urgent Care

For prevention, a proper warm up will raise core body temperatures, giving the muscles an increased ability to lengthen and contract. This helps reduce the likelihood of a muscle strain.

Without intervention, though, and with repetitive use, muscle tears may grow bigger over time and may no longer heal on their own. Physical therapy in an urgent care facility, like the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, can help strengthen muscle structures and improve ligament tightness through a series of exercises. This is good for game preparation, as well as for alleviating mild injury cases.


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