The Roles of Everett Urgent Care in Treating Alcohol’s Harmful Effects

The City of Everett has always been looking for ways to improve itself, and amending some regulations is one effective strategy that the local council employs. Recently, there was a focus on the Alcohol Impact Area that runs through most of downtown as well as along Broadway to the north and Evergreen Way to the south.

The Roles of Everett Urgent Care in Treating Alcohols Harmful Effects

The council voted to implement an ordinance that proposed to ask merchants in this area to voluntarily stop selling certain cheap beverages with high alcohol content and aimed to lower the incidences of chronic public inebriation. If the voluntary scheme proves effective within 6 months of enactment, it will be deliberated as a mandatory rule for the area.

This move can certainly help you have a safer and healthier lifestyle in the city since you can ward off the negative consequences of going on binge drinks. However, there may be times when you can’t avoid them or you can’t help imbibing during special occasions. During those times, an Everett urgent care facility can play various roles in addressing or treating the harmful effects of alcohol. It can help you in:

Treating Minor Injuries

The most obvious immediate effect of alcohol is the temporary impairment to your brain’s functions. Your mood and behavior can be affected, and your movements won’t be as sharp or as coordinated as when you’re sober. Life-threatening injuries should be addressed in an emergency room, but minor burns, wounds, and other mild accidents can be treated in an urgent care setting.

Restoring Your Immune Defenses

Alcohol affects your immunity as well, and a recent study has strengthened this fact. This means that you can be more prone to infections (like getting a cold or catching the flu) after binge drinking. Existing infections can also be worsened or aggravated with another infection. Such incidents can be resolved in an urgent care clinic, where you can also get immunizations against preventable infections.

Avoiding and Managing Long-Term Health Risks

Excessive alcohol use has been linked to liver damage, high blood pressure and heart disease, and various types of cancer. When binge drinking happens more often than it should, or you do it when you have chronic conditions already, you should get checkups, disease screenings, and comprehensive visits, which can be provided by clinics offering urgent care in Everett like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.


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