Be Good to Bowl: Visit an Everett Urgent Care Center for Physicals

It’s time to score a strike again in Snohomish County.

The 78th Washington State U.S. Bowling Congress (USBC) Open will see around 400 bowlers from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho compete for ultimate bowling glory. Glacier and Evergreen Lanes will be the sites for the tournament to be held on the weekends of April and May. Glacier Lanes will host Saturday’s matches, while Evergreen Lanes will host Sunday’s matches.


The winner of the State Open will represent Washington State in the USBC Master Tournament in 2016, facing against the best of each state, as well as foreign representatives. The previous tournament saw Australia’s John Belmonte become the first to win three USBC Masters Titles in a row. Will next year’s tournament see a new champion or a fourth for Belmonte?

Regardless, it would do a bowler well to pay attention to his surroundings during play. Most of the strikes and spares come from a combination of good swings and footwork. Fall short of one or both and it could cost the bowler not only the game but also his ligaments and tendons. One of the injuries associated with bowling is a tennis elbow.

Just because it says “tennis” doesn’t mean you can’t get this injury from any other sport. Experts say tennis elbow, called bowler tendonitis in this case, occurs to bowlers at least once over the course of their career. It’s characterized by a sharp pain that never seems to go away, affecting the bowler’s form.

A bowler in poor physical shape is at high risk for bowler tendonitis, typically resulting from the repetition of moves. Imagine maintaining the form over and over to land a spare, if not a strike. Even if it doesn’t break as much sweat as basketball or football, bowling needs flexible muscles. Any physician from an Everett urgent care center would tell you the same thing.

Fortunately, facilities like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group can identify a person’s risk factors before the big game through physical exams. Annual screenings and regular checkups must form part of any person’s health routine to lower the risk of permanent damage. The clinic can also check other indicators like blood pressure, glucose, and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Sprains and strains, especially during training, should be brought to the attention of an Everett urgent care center immediately. Urgent care provides a quick, low-cost treatment for different types of physical injuries and other non-emergency cases. Such centers know how much any sport means to an athlete aspiring for greatness, and would do their best to keep the athlete in good form.

(Source: “Everett To Host Thousands Of Out of Town Bowlers In April and May,” My Everett News, March 21, 2015)


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