Broadway, Everett Urgent Care Clinics: Quality Care Minus the Wait

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners are likely preparing to conduct a thorough cleaning of their homes. It’s during these times, however, that injuries tend to happen, while they’re lifting sofas or hauling out huge bags of trash. When a homeowner accidentally overstretches a back muscle or pulls an arm in the wrong way, a quick trip to the emergency room will solve the problem, right? Maybe not.

10 things emergency rooms wont tell you

According to an article on The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, the country’s ERs have notoriously long wait times:

“As a result, people are waiting longer to see a doctor: A 2009 report from the Government Accountability Office found that patients whose condition indicated they should have been seen in 1 to 14 minutes, according to Emergency Nurses Association guidelines, waited 37 minutes on average to see a physician. Even worse, those who were supposed to be seen in less than 1 minute were left waiting for about 28 minutes. Crowding can be worse during the holidays, when some hospitals see an uptick in visits from patients suffering from heart disease or from excess alcohol consumption.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) corroborates these statistics, revealing that the average wait time in emergency departments lasted almost an hour at 58.1 minutes. Naturally, the longer patients have to wait for treatment, the longer they have to suffer through the pain, and the bigger the chances of their condition worsening. Fortunately, people who suffer back pain as a result of some spring cleaning accident can get prompt treatment at a Broadway, Everett urgent care clinic operated by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.

Since these clinics treat only non-life-threatening conditions, patient turn-around rates are much faster compared to ERs. Furthermore, an affordable Broadway, Everett walk-in clinic provides high-quality service for a fraction of ER hospital bills, so a patient doesn’t have to fork out a lot of cash for his or her injury.

(Source: 10 things emergency rooms won’t tell you, Market Watch, December 10, 2013)


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