Broadway Everett Urgent Care Centers Help Protect You against the Flu

Since December 2013, the state of Washington has reported at least 19 deaths caused by the dreaded H1N1 flu virus. Experts have reason to believe that this specific strain of H1N1 is the same one that caused the flu pandemic back in 2009—fortunately, the type of virus that can be eradicated with the flu vaccine currently distributed throughout the country. Yet according to the online newspaper VOICE of the Valley, more work needs to be done:

“Nationally, estimates from November showed that less than 40 percent of the population had been vaccinated against flu, leaving a lot of people unprotected. To best protect people and communities from flu, 80 percent or more must be vaccinated — that’s the national goal.”

Fortunately, Broadway, Everett urgent care providers like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group offer flu vaccination services to protect people from the virus. Those who have yet to receive their shots are advised to head to these centers and to take certain precautions to minimize their chances of contracting the flu.

flu hits peak levels in washington

Medical experts recommend frequent and thorough hand washing because the virus is easily transmitted through skin contact. Meanwhile, door knobs, kitchen utensils, telephones, and other frequently used household items need to be disinfected often. Finally, basic etiquette when sneezing and coughing in public (i.e. covering the mouth and nose) should always be observed.

Those who experience flu-like symptoms like body aches, chills, loss of appetite, and hot fever, shouldn’t hesitate to visit a reputable medical center in their area—like a walk in clinic in Broadway, Everett—for proper treatment. Apart from vaccines, early treatment is one of the best ways to protect oneself from H1N1 flu. It also wouldn’t hurt for people to make sure they receive the latest flu vaccines as a precaution. After all, it’s worth noting that the virus that’s plaguing the state is the same thing that wreaked havoc a few years ago, which proves the resilience and tenacity of this deadly disease.

(Article Information and Image from Flu hits peak levels in Washington, VOICE of the Valley, January 22, 2014)


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