Broadway, Everett Urgent Care: Understanding Therapy for Hand Injuries

The excerpt below is taken from an NBC Sports report suggesting that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might be suffering from a hand injury. Brady was shown in a photo attending a Make-a-Wish Foundation event with two of his fingers taped together. Many believe the injury explains Brady’s poor performance when the Patriots lost to the Jets on October 20, 2013.

“Eyebrows were raised this week when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady landed on the injury report with the same right shoulder injury that once consistently rendered him “probable” to play, week in and week out.

It could be that disclosing the shoulder injury was aimed at concealing another injury. Via, Brady appeared at a charitable event on Saturday with the middle and ring fingers of his throwing hand taped together.

Unless it’s a fashion statement (and with Brady you never can be completely sure it isn’t), Brady has a hand injury. A hand injury that hasn’t been listed on the injury report.

Via, Brady appeared to be dealing with discomfort in his hand during last Sunday’s loss to the Jets.”

Whether a professional athlete or not, a person who suffers a hand injury should seek medical attention from a physician immediately. This is because the potential to develop devastating complications increases exponentially when a hand injury is not attended to straightaway. Be sure to visit a Broadway, Everett urgent care facility once you sustain the following hand injuries: fractures, dislocations, burns, and open cuts.

Do you feel pain in your finger, hand, or wrist? Are any of your fingers cold, pale, white, or blue? Are you unable to use your hands or fingers normally? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might already have a hand injury and don’t even know it. Have your doctor check your hands to be sure.

If you do have a hand injury, your doctor can refer you to a good occupational therapist from a trusted Broadway, Everett walk in clinic managed by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group for hand therapy. An occupational therapist provides care for individuals with hand conditions related to another illness, an injury, or surgery. Hand therapy can also be helpful for burns and amputations.

Occupational therapists treat a variety of orthopedic, cumulative trauma, and hand trauma injuries. It is common for therapy to involve hand exercises (e.g. wrist extension and flexion, hand/finger tendon glide), modalities (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy), and splinting.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Brady may have hand injury, too, NBC Sports, October 27, 2013)